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All are Welcome.

No Exceptions.



We begin our time together with the blessing of the food we are about to eat.  Getting us ready to Share, Read, Talk, Pray and Bless.


SHARE: Sharing our stories of the week; where did we see God this week?

    • highs, lows and everything in-between.

READ: We will read and share God’s story; 

    • God’s relationship with humanity and a love that was so strong that God became human in Jesus!  This so God could tell the story among us!

TALK: We will talk about how God’s story affects and intertwines with our story; 

    • how we understand God’s story and how we can use it in our daily lives.

PRAY: We will take time to Pray with and for one another!  

    • Praying for the Highs and Lows expressed earlier; 

    • Praying for our community and the people in need.  

    • We will pray asking for forgiveness and grace for anything we might have done wrong in the week or things we were ashamed of. 

    • We pray using the prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

    • Then God answers our request, with assurance of forgiveness, love and grace!

    • We will offer ourselves, our time and our treasures.  Give as God has gifted us to give.

RECEIVE: As we are gathered around the table; 

    • We will receive a tangible and real expression of God’s love for us

    • Through the breaking of bread and sharing of wine (or grape juice)!

    • Where we actually receive Jesus, and what he did for us on the cross.

BLESS: We conclude with a blessing for one another; 

    • encouragement for the week to come 

    • and fellowship that strengthens us for the journey!

Dinner Church will focus on relationship, community and discussion that engages our real life struggles, questions, doubts and interests.  All are encouraged to come as they are.  We gather together as part of a judgement free environment, where all are free to explore faith, and understanding of who God is; and to find who we are, as part of this community and as one beloved by God.


We will hear God's story and seek understanding of how our story is part God's dream to bring us together into community.  Bring your iPad, Smart Phone or other device, to assist us in exploring God together.