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10 Survey Questions focusing on Roxborough & Manayunk neighborhoods of Philadelphia

Please answer all questions fully.  10 randomly selected submissions will receive a gift card for completing the survey. 

1. How long have you lived in these neighborhoods of Philadelphia?
3. What do you think is the greatest need for our neighborhoods?
4. Are you willing to be part of planning and/or volunteering to answer the needs of the community?
5. Do you believe in God?
6. Do you attend worship services?
7. What do you believe is the reason some don't attend worship services?
8. Within the Christian tradition, what type of experiences would draw you to a particular church?

Thank you for completing this survey.  10 random submissions will be selected to receive a $10 gift card for either Amazon or Starbucks via email gift card.

If your submission is selected, what would you prefer?

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